This is my first attempt to do a mixtape. I’ve never made one for anyone before but since Ceejae has been doing good on her awesome Mixtape Monday business for some time now, I asked her if she could make me one and in return, I’ll put up something too for her. So technically, she’s the first girl who’s gonna get a mixtape from me. Haha! She’s my ang-dami-nating-feelings friend anyway; I don’t mind.

The November Rain mix is inspired by how this month was welcomed by cold weather. And what I really love during these days is we get to slack off and be calm whether when you’re riding the bus or driving a car, reading a book or just curling up in a ball while good music is on. I don’t intend to trigger the letting-you-push-the-feelings-will-suck-you button, it’s not the purpose of this. I hope anyone who would download the mix will like what I made. I know most of the artists here are not that known, but hey, this is my kind of music and I love it like that so… life.

  1. Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors - Editors
  2. Almanac - The Acorn 
  3. Walking on a Dream - Empire of the Sun
  4. Turn to Spring - Shelley O’Brien
  5. Crystalized - The XX
  6. Hospital Beds - Cold War Kids  
  7. Let It Roll - Train
  8. Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis - Brand New
  9. On Fire - Switchfoot
  10. I Don’t Want To See You - Camera Obscura
  11. Coming Home - John Legend
  12. Towers (The Karma Kid Re-Rub Remix) - Bon Iver
  13. Blonde on Blonde - Nada Surf 
  14. Undertow - Warpaint

Download the November Rain mixtape here. Photo credits to We Heart It.

  1. stateofjoe said: This is EXCELLENT
  2. itsyvitzyspidr said: wow, this sounds nostalgic. i used to make mixtapes all the time, although never digital. mala-michael cera-in-juno type. haha. might make another soon. >.<
  3. vivat-regina said: Crystalllized is one of my favorite songs! ♥ And the male lead singer is hot. Hihi.
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